T-Slotted Structural Aluminum Profiles (45 Series)

Profile Technical Data


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Build anything fast using our huge assortment of t-slotted aluminum profiles along with our revolutionary Power-Lock Fastener


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T-Slot Profile 19x32
20.1000 Profile 19x32


T-Slotted Profile 19x45
20.1001 Profile 19x45


T-Slot Profile 45x19
20.0993 Profile 45x19

Structural Aluminum Profile 32x32 UL
20.1064 Profile 32x32 UL


T-Slotted Profile 32x32F
20.1054 Profile 32x32 F

Structural Aluminum Clamp Profile 32x32
20.1070 Clamp Profile 32x32


Modular Aluminum Profile 45x32 UL
20.1065 Profile 45x32 UL

Modular Aluminum Profile 45x32 F
20.1055 Profile 45x32 F


T-Slot Clamp Profile 45x32
20.1053 Clamp Profile 45x32


Cable Track Profile 45x45 R
20.1046 Profile 45x45 R

Cable Track Profile Cover
20.1037 Cover 45x45 R

20.1033/B 45x45 Black


T-Slotted Aluminum Profile 45x45 UL
20.1063 Profile 45x45 UL
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20.1063/9 Profile 45x45 Yellow

T-Slotted Aluminum Profile 45x45 F
20.1033 Profile 45x45F
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Aluminum Framing Profile 45x45
20.1006 Profile 45x45


Tear Away T-Slot Profile 45x45 G
20.1028 Profile 45x45 G

20.1126 Profile 45x45 1G

Tear Away T-Slot Profile 45x45 2G
20.1072 Profile 45x45 2G

G Series Profiles Have Tear Away T-slots. Have T-slots Where You Need Them & A Smooth Surface When You Don't


Removeable T-Slot Profile 45x45 3G
20.1048 Profile 45x45 3G

20.1099 Profile 45x45 2GG

20.1122 Profile 45x45 UL 2GG

20.1123 Profile 45x45 UL 3G


Stainless Profile 45x45 VA
20.2000 Profile 45x45 SS
(Unique Stainless Steel T-Slotted Profile)

Corner Round Profile 45R90
20.1069 Profile 45R90 Deg

Angled Profile 45R60
20.1096 Profile 45R60 Deg

Rounded Profile 45R45
20.1095 Profile 45R45 Deg


Rounded Profile 45R30
20.1094 Profile 45R30 Deg

Corner Profile 45x45 Degree
20.1029 Profile 45/45 Deg

Profile 45x45 x 22.5 Degree
20.1030 Profile 45/22.5 Deg.

T-Slotted Handle Profile
20.1045 Handle Profile


T-Slotted Handle Profile
20.1088 Handle Profile 32

Rolling Door Aluminum Profile
20.1038 Sliding Door Profile

T-Slot Profile 90x19
20.0995 Profile 90x19

Structural Aluminum Profile 90x32
20.1066 Profile 90x32 UL



Aluminum Extrusion 45x90 UL
20.1067 Profile 45x90 UL
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T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusion 45x90F
20.1032 Profile 45x90 F
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Structural Aluminum Profile 45x90
20.1009 Profile 45x90

Aluminum Extrusion 45x90 S
20.1017 Profile 45x90S


Clean Room Profile 45x90 G
20.1015 Profile 45x90 G

20.1081 45x90 2G

How to install Power-Lock in G profiles. Click here for larger image

Height adjustment telescoping profile
20.1143 Height Adjustment Profile



Aluminum Profile 45x60 F
20.1023 Profile 45x60 F

T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusion 60x60 F
20.1049 Profile 60x60 F

Standard Structural Aluminum Profile 45x135 F
20.1087 Profile 45x135 F

Tear Away T-Slot Aluminum Profile 45x135 G
20.1078 Profile 45x135 1G



T-Slot Extrusion 45x180 G
20.1079 Profile 45x180 1G

20.0984 Profile 90x90 x 45

20.0999 Profile 90x90 UL

(Most Popular)

Standard Structural Aluminum Profile 90x90L
20.1010 Profile 90x90 L
(Most Popular)



T-Slotted Aluminum Profile 90x90S
20.1019 Profile 90x90 S

Tear Away T-Slot Profile 90x90 2G
20.1044 Profile 90x90 2G

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Tear away T-slot Profile 90x90G
20.1082 Profile 90x90 G




Radius Profile 90x90
20.1091 Profile 90R90

Aluminum Profile 32x180
20.1016 Profile 32x180



T-slotted Profile 90x180
20.1013 Profile 90x180 S


MiniTec Profile 19x270
20.1077 Profile 270 x 19



20.1120 Profile 45 R4


20.1121 Support Profile

Aluminum Flat Stock

Gusset Profile
20.1011 Angular Profile 89x89


See New 30 Series Profiles


20.9003 Aluminum Angle 3/4" x 3/4"


20.9004 Aluminum Angle
3/4" x 1-1/2"


20.9005 Aluminum Angle
1-1/2" x 1-1/2"


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