Electrical Installation & Cable Management



Cable Managment For T-Slotted Profiles
Conduit 45 AL Cable Management System
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Cable Conduit For T-Slotted Profiles
Conduit AL Cable Management System
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Wire Conduit 90 AL
20.1056 Wire Conduit 90 AL



End Cap For Wire Conduit 90
22.1045 End Cap For Conduit 90 Al

Machine Guarding Security Switch
21.1110 Security Switch AZ 16 ZVR

For Narrow Machine Guard Doors
21.1110/2 Actuating Bow For Security Switch B2
For doors under 20" (500mm)


Security Switch Key With Vertical Pivot
21.1110/3 Actuating Bow For Security Switch B3
For doors under 20" (500mm)



Angle Bracket For Many Schmersal Guarding Switches
21.1359 Angle Bracket For Security Switch

Security Switch With Soleniod Lock
21.1766 Security Switch With Lock

21.9420  19 Inch Rack Rail


Rigid Cable Conduit
22.1084 Conduit 45



Includes Holes For Mounting To T-Slots
22.1082 Conduit 32

Serpentine Cable Track
33.0410 Energy Chain R

Flexible Cable Track Mounting Brackets
33.0411 Mounting Brackets For Energy Chain R


Includes T-Slot Hardware
28.0120 Proximity Switch Holder 12



Includes Sleeve To Accomodate Both Diameters
28.0121 Proximity Switch Holder 18/20

Mount To Profiles From Either Direction
28.0122 Proximity Switch Holder 30/34

22.9300 Cable Clip Multi-Directional