Pneumatic Connections

Additional Technical Info



Run Compressed Air Into The Side Of The T-Slotted Profile
Pneumatic Connection Plate 45




Use The Center Chamber Of The 45x90 For Compressed Air
Pneumatic Connection Plate 45x90



Pneumatic Cover Plate With Gasket For 90x90 Profile
Pneumatic Connection Plate 90


24.1104 Plug


Draw Air Out Of Profiles From Multiple Locations
24.1109 Quick Coupling 1/8



Will Thread Directly Into Profile Ends
24.1110 Quick Coupling 1/4

Airtight Profile End Plate With Gasket
24.1105/7 Pneumatic End Plate 45x90

Air Tight Pneumatic End Plate
24.1106/7 Pneumatic End Plate 90x90


Easily To Integrate T-Slotted Pneumatic Lift For Automation
24.1201 Pneumatic Lifting Unit 15



Stroke Of Pneumatic Cylinder 50mm
24.1205 Pneumatic Lifting Unit 50

Guide For Pneumatic Cylinder
24.1210 Pneumatic Lifting Unit 100

European shape hose coupling
24.9105 European Shape Hose Coupling For 1/4" Tube