MiniTec Power-Lock Fastener
Profile Processing And Kitting Services


Power-Lock Fastener N
26.1082 Thread Former M8



Right Angle T-slotted Fastener
26.0815 Tear Off Lever For G Profiles


Strongest T-Slotted Fastener
26.0813 Deburring Tool For G Profiles


Economical Profile Fastener
26.1817 Ball Headed Key 4 AF


No T-Slot Nut Required
26.1084 Ball Headed Key 5AF

Vibration Resistand Profile Fastener
26.1810 T-Handle Key 4 AF

Profile Anchor Fastener
26.1083 T-Handle Key 5 AF


26.0811 Anodizing Polisher


26.1820 Magnetic Bit Holder Torx

26.1822 Torx Bit T40x25

In The T-Slot Fastener
26.1050 Drilling Jig For Miter Connector


T-Slotted Profile Butt Joint Fastener
26.1060 Drilling Jig For Miter Connector N


Inline T-Slot Profile Fastener
26.1815 Step Drill 15

Full Length 3.7 Meters
26.1816 Step Drill 10.1

Order In Custom Lengths
26.1813 Step Drill 20


Order In Custom Lengths
26.0814 Pliers For G Profiles


Aluminum Profile Anchor Fastener
26.1811 4mm Hex Key

Aluminum Extrusion Butt Joint Fastener
26.1085 5mm Hex Key

Inline T-Slot Fastener
26.1092 Drilling Jig