Horizontal & Vertical Sliding Door Components & Counterweight Doors



Counter Weighted Vertical Sliding Door Assembly Using Chain Pulley 45 I


Chain In T-Slot Of Aluminum Profile 45x90
21.1840 Chain Pulley 45 I


Counter Weighted Vertical Sliding Door Slim
SP120115 Slim Counterweighted Vertical Sliding Door Assembly Using Chain Pulley 32

Chain Rides Inside The T-Slots
21.1774 Chain Pulley 32


For 90x90L Aluminum Profile
21.1839 Chain Pulley 90



Finally An Engineered Counterweight Solution
21.1772 Counterweight 45



Counterweights are out of site inside profile
21.1778 Counterweight 90

For 45x90 F T-Slotted Extrusion
21.1838 Chain Pulley 45 A


Chain For Vertical Counterweighted Door
21.1713 Chain For Counterweighted Door



Attach Chain To Any MiniTec Profile
21.1712 Door Chain Clamping Device
(7.5mm-8.5mm GAP)

21.1712/9 Door Chain Clamping Device 5

(4.5mm -5.5mm Gap)

Attach Chain To Counterweight
21.1711 Fixing Kit For Chain (Counterweight Side)


Counterbalanced doors
Click here for a larger animation showing counterbalancing doors using the Sychronous Pulley


Chain Pulley With Doors In Both T-Slots
21.1792 Synchronous Pulley 45


21.1713/1 Connecting Link For 21.1713 Chain

Heavy Duty 08B Chain Counter Weight Components


T-Slot Door Guide With Ball Bearings
21.1796 Slide Roll Element


T-Slot Door Guide With Ball Bearings
21.1799 Glide Roll Element
(Offsets Profiles 5mm)



T-Slot Door Guide With Ball Bearings
21.1714 Glide Roll Element Parallel


21.9200 Parallel Slide Element


Order In Custom Lengths
22.1079 Guide For Sliding Door



45 Degree Extrusion Joint
21.1782 Roller Element

T-Slotted Aluminum Miter Joint
21.1781 Roller Element S

Hidden Profile Miter Fastener
Rolling Door System


Double Frameless Doors



Triple Framless Sliding Doors

22.1148 Bi-Fold Door Element

Bi-Fold Door Assembly


Framed Vertical Sliding Door


Frame less Vertical Sliding Doo

Double Framed Sliding Door

Quadruple Framed Sliding Doors


SP03122013-1 Cantilever Sliding Door

Single Frameless Rolling Door


Z-Axis Positioner Counterweighted
SP112113 Counterweighted Z Axis Positioner

21.1775 Cable Pulley 45


21.1776 Cable Pulley 90

21.1777 Cable With Clamping Eye

Mount Cable to T-slotted Door
21.1797 Rope Clamp


UHMW Door Bearing With Cable Attachment
21.1795 Slide Element


Cover The Chain Or Cable Pulley
21.1780 End Block


Profile Gussett With Anti-Rotation Tabs
29.0402 Rolling Door With Drive